Jill Andruskiewicz: Staying Active at UConn


Greetings UConn! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday last week. I had a great time volunteering at a soup kitchen in New Haven and playing board games with my family Thanksgiving Day! As the semester winds down, I’m excited to share with you the last few student stories and anxious to see what next semester has in store.

One thing I love about UConn is the amount of options students have to stay healthy.  There are a number of athletic clubs and organizations, the gym is free, and nutritious meal options are available at every dining area. Senior Jill Andruskiewicz takes full advantage of the opportunities UConn offers to keep active. She is a captain of the Dance Team, a fitness instructor, and plays several intramural sports. Jill tells us of what it’s like to perform in front of thousands of people at UConn home games, and how participating in intramurals brings her group of friends closer together. The education major also teaches BodyWise classes, which not only help her stay in shape, but also prepares her for a future as a high school math teacher. Jill credits her dedication and leadership abilities to her mom, who’s taught her to never give up and always keep fighting. That mindset has led Jill to where she is today and will continue to provide her great things in the future.


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