Hayley Dunnack: Lasting Motivation and a Constant Smile


Sophomore Hayley Dunnack genuinely values her time here at UConn. As a Nursing student, she takes full advantage of the simulation labs and is excited to start her first hands-on clinical experience next semester. Hayley serves as secretary for UConn Irish, a cultural organization that focuses on Irish stepdancing. Furthermore, she enjoys her job at the Student Activities office and believes that working on campus is a great way to get involved and build connections.

Hayley is inspired by her sister, Brenna, who is a UConn senior involved in Community Outreach. Brenna told Hayley that getting involved on campus is the best way to enrich your college experience, and now Hayley is a strong believer in that as well. Her motivation seems endless – in addition to nursing, UConn Irish and the Student Activities Office, Hayley is involved in the Honors program and also volunteers at Generations Family Health Center in Willimantic, all with a constant smile on her face. The sophomore says that UConn has already influenced her in so many ways, and she looks forward to discovering what else the university has to offer throughout her next two years.