Information Security Policy Manual Available Online

Computer network graphic.
Computer network graphic.

The University of Connecticut recently adopted new Information Technology Security policies following a lengthy period of review. The new policies were updated in order to consolidate and clarify individual expectations for information security at the University, to adhere to a common security policy and compliance framework, and to ensure that critical security elements were addressed.

The Information Security Policy Manual provides the foundation for the University’s information security initiatives and can provide guidance to employees, students, and users of the University’s technology. It can be found here:

“Employees should be aware of the polices and requirements and should understand their responsibilities in protecting the University’s IT resources and data,” said Jason Pufahl, director of IT security at UConn.

The Information Security Office will embark on a campaign for security awareness and implementation of security controls. However, protecting the University’s data and systems is something that all employees and students are responsible for.

“Managers should ensure that staff members are familiar with the new policies and discuss the impacts and outcomes of the policies for their specific areas,” said Pufahl.

To assist employees with better understanding how to protect data, information security awareness training is available for all UConn employees through HuskyCT:

For questions about the policies or the Information Security Awareness training please email