Bioscience Connecticut Update: Plans Will Revitalize Lower Campus

An architect's rendering depicts changes to the Health Center's lower campus, including the Ambulatory Care Center building and the Jackson Lab facility.
An architect’s rendering depicts changes to the Health Center’s lower campus, including the Ambulatory Care Center building and the Jackson Lab facility.

Thanks to Bioscience Connecticut, major changes are underway for the Health Center’s lower campus, including a new, state-of-the-art Ambulatory Care Center (ACC). These include:

Here is a look at recent developments for the lower campus:

An architectural rendering of the Jackson Laboratory.
  • Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine:The buildingwill be constructed on the lower campus, at the site of the current metal buildings. Those buildings will be demolished later this year and construction for the new JAX building will start in 2013. Plans for the JAX building are progressing and the latest design concepts can be viewed on the Bioscience Connecticut website.
  • Administrative Services Building (ASB): An advance team for JAX has started moving into newly renovated, leased space on the first floor of the ASB. Additional renovations to the first floor of the ASB are expected to be completed by mid-August when Powerful Aging, the exercise program run by the UConn Center on Aging, moves in. In addition, the ASB will house a state-of-the-art geriatric research facility, jointly administered by the Center on Aging and Department of Neurology.
  • ACC
    • Architects: The Health Center has engaged Fletcher Thompson of Shelton and Tsoi Kobus & Associates of Cambridge, Mass., to design the ACC building site plan, exterior envelope and parking garage. The building will be designed to offer the best possible patient care experience. Of note, Tsoi Kobus & Associates is also part of the architectural and design firm that is working on the JAX project.
    • Site: The ACC and a new parking garage will beadjacent to the Medical Arts and Research Building (MARB). All three buildings will be connected via a walkway and an enclosed bridge. The garage will include approximately 1,100 spaces and is intended for employees and patients alike.
    • Composition: The ACC will be a multispecialty center including primary care and medical and surgical specialties, many of which are now housed in the Dowling South and Dowling North buildings. The outpatient services associated with the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center, including Radiation Oncology, will also be located there, in addition to the orthodontic clinic.

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