Creative Child Center Holds Graduation Ceremony at Health Center

The Creative Child Center recently held its preschool graduation ceremony for the Class of 2012.

The ceremony, which was supposed to take place on the open lawn, was held inside the school as the sky opened up and the wind intensified. Ten anxious preschoolers huddled in the back room as they awaited their cue from head school teacher Nar Scaia. The nod was given and the graduates in their royal blue caps and gowns paraded out to the traditional Pomp and Circumstance March.

Scaia led the preschoolers in their performance of “I Know My Letters” and “I’ve Been Going to My Preschool” – two songs they had rehearsed for the special day. Afterward, he presented each student with a diploma, cake was served, and the students then opened a special gift – a box filled with their own personalized artwork.

Over 250 students have graduated from the Creative Child Center and this was its 14th graduating class.

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