‘The Flower Guy’

We all look forward to the Friday flower guy,” says dermatology clerk Rezarta Xhindole, “he’s so sweet.”

The “flower guy” is Robert Wright. After open heart surgery several years ago, Wright developed an unusual rash. Most dermatologists were stumped, until Wright came to the UConn Health Center, where Dr. Jun Lu took one look and immediately knew what it was and how to treat it.

“I’m not ashamed to go out now and put my bathing suit on and go to the beach,” says Wright. “They really took care of it. It cleared it up on me and I’m very happy.”

“He comes back every week and his phototherapy allows him to feel better,” says Cathy Sonnenberg, clinical practice manager. “And then what he does, by doing this very kind gesture, is to make everyone know that they’re appreciated.”

“I was married 53 years to my beautiful wife and she just passed away in February and I brought her roses every Friday for 53 years,” explains Wright. “And I started coming here, and I just continued doing it.”

“He calls us his girls, his family. He just brings tears to our eyes a lot of times,” says Diane Flanders, dermatology clerk.

I was in a deep, dark hole. And I started coming here and the girls here treat me like you wouldn’t believe – beautiful – and they got me out of the doldrums I was in,” says Wright.

“He’s very special to us here at UConn Dermatology,” says Jennifer Cormier, dermatology clerk. “It brightens our day and he’s just a very special patient.”