New Format for Daily Digest

New Look - Daily Digest Email - Monday, July 30, 2012
New Look - Daily Digest Email - Monday, July 30, 2012

Starting Monday, July 30, the University’s Daily Digest bulletin features a new format.

The new look Daily Digest email.
The new look Daily Digest email.

“The Daily Digest was developed to consolidate important announcements all in one convenient place, rather than bombard people with email,” says Amy Donahue, chief operations officer for academic administration. “The format has evolved over the past eight months, as we have heard feedback from the campus community about how to make it more useful and user-friendly, and it will continue to be improved as we learn more about what meets the needs of the community.”

UConn’s two versions of the Daily Digest (for faculty and staff, and for students) provide a variety of announcements and notifications about important information and upcoming events. The Daily Digest is managed by University Communications and University Information Technology Services (UITS).

New Daily Digest format features:

  • Submissions listed by categories such as seminars and training; arts and culture; and health and wellness. This will make it easier for people to find information relevant to their needs and interests. Submitters choose the category under which they want their item listed.
  • Daily Digests are sent weekdays at noon and contain items submitted at least two days prior.
  • A submission form which allows for a preview of items and editing before and after final submission.
  • Viewable status of submissions to check when the item was submitted and when it was posted.
  • Three-day limit for postings of information, as the Daily Digest focuses on immediate or soon-to-be happenings.

The Daily Digest is designed as a companion resource to the University’s other campus communications,,, and department websites. To submit your announcement to the Daily Digest bulletin, please visit: Please send questions or comments regarding the new Daily Digest format to