UConn News Roundup – 11/27/12

News Roundup
News Roundup

UConn is on the move – and the media are taking notice.

From the expertise of our faculty to the achievements of our students, UConn’s reputation is growing locally, nationally, and globally. Take a look at this roundup of some recent media coverage.

Which Witch is Which?
Walter Woodward, assistant professor of history, talks magic in a recent Smithsonian article about a witch trial in Easthampton that took place 40 years before the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Read the story.

Keeping Outdoorsmen Safe Through Health Research
Heat stroke and hyponatremia are the focus of two Outside Magazine articles featuring Douglas Casa, professor of kinesiology and chief operating officer of the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut. Read more about surviving heat stroke and hyponatremia.

The Ocean Farming Trend That’s ‘Cropping Up’ in America
Would you eat seaweed? Charlie Yarish, UConn professor of ecology and evolutionary biology discusses this “miracle cash crop” on NPR’s blog The Salt. Read the blog.

American Indian History Specialist Discusses First Native American Saint
In October, the Catholic Church canonized its first Native American Saint, Kateri Tekakwitha. TIME quotes UConn history professor Nancy Shoemaker about Tekakwitha’s life. Read the story.

More Sleep Leads to Less Injuries in Athletes
ModernMedicine.com reported on a recent study led by assistant professor of orthopedics Matthew Milewski that found that teen athletes who slept at least eight hours a night were 68 percent less likely to be injured than athletes who regularly slept less. Read the story.

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