UConn News Roundup 1/22/13

News Roundup
News Roundup

News Roundup

UConn is on the move – and the media are taking notice.

From the expertise of our faculty to the achievements of our students, UConn’s reputation is spreading locally, nationally, and globally. Take a look at this roundup of some recent major stories.

Skip Your Workout When You Have the Flu
It may seem harmless to keep up your exercise regimen even when feeling the effects of the flu, but Thomas Trojian, director of injury prevention at the UConn Health Center, warns against it in this recent Wall Street Journal article. Read the story.

Despite Obama’s Presidency, Racial Divide Still Exists
Jelani Cobb, director of UConn’s Institute of African-American Studies, comments in the Boston Globe on the effect of President Obama’s reelection on racial equality in America. Read the story.

Geneticists Examining Killer’s DNA
A recent article from CNN notes that a team of UConn geneticists is working with the state medical examiner’s office to study Newtown shooter Adam Lanza’s DNA. Read the story.

Genomics Powerhouse in the Making?
Hartford Magazine featured The Jackson Laboratory’s new facility at UConn, as well as their collaborative work on the human genome here in Connecticut. Read the story.

A Better Night’s Sleep May be Just in Your Head
A review of studies by a group of researchers that included UConn assistant professor of biostatistics Tania Huedo-Medina found that half of the effects of sleeping pills are due to the placebo effect. The British Medical Journal study, reported in the Huffington Post, goes on to talk about the dangerous effects of sleeping pills. Read the story.

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