It’s Time for UConn Health

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UConn Health logoThe University of Connecticut is launching an advertising campaign today that celebrates its medical enterprise as a leader in all aspects of personalized medicine and introduces the new brand name “UConn Health.”

The campaign includes television, radio, and online advertising, as well as a microsite,, that educates and connects consumers with the resources available through UConn Health.

“We are asking the public to look at UConn Health in a new light, as we pursue new cures for tomorrow and deliver highly personalized care today,” says Dr. Frank M. Torti, UConn’s executive vice president for health affairs and dean of the School of Medicine.

The name UConn Health encompasses the hospital and its satellite clinics, as well as the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine, and replaces the term UConn Health Center.

“The name UConn Health evokes a sense of newness and energy and is not tied to one physical location,” says Torti. “This is especially important as our clinical services expand to new sites in Storrs, Canton, Simsbury, and Southington.”

A soaring, proud message

The advertising campaign communicates UConn Health’s new brand platform, which articulates the institution’s forward-thinking vision, promise, personality, and values. The brand platform reflects months of research with a diverse group of audiences within UConn Health as well as patients and the public.

The brand platform is intended to capture UConn Health’s goal to become a renowned destination for medical discovery; its promise to transform science into more precise care; and its commitment to discovery, knowledge, stature, care, and community.

“All of these pieces are connected to our core mission and through the advertising, are being conveyed in a soaring, proud voice,” Torti explains.

Dr. Rebecca Andrews
Dr. Rebecca Andrews. (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health Photo)

The television ad, for example, starts by showing people expressing their individuality – playing guitar, jumping rope, continuing a rivalry in Ping-Pong – then focuses on researchers and caregivers at UConn Health, including Dr. Rebecca Andrews of the Division of General Medicine, and Dr. Augustus D. Mazzocca, chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and director of the New England Musculoskeletal Institute.

“UConn Health is pioneering the science of personalized medicine, working to customize treatments based on your genetic makeup for more precise and effective care today and hope and cure tomorrow,” the script reads.

The tone is upbeat and joyful throughout, and the ad ends on a high note: “It’s time for UConn Health.”

Specific guidelines for the use of “UConn Health,” particularly for stationery and letterhead, are under development and will be released this spring.

Part of a larger strategy

The rebranding effort, Torti notes, is one piece of a comprehensive strategy to revitalize UConn Health. Other components include efforts to make the clinical services more easily accessible to patients and referring physicians; far-reaching financial improvement efforts; and ongoing work to maintain the highest quality care.

The most visible signs of UConn Health’s transformation include the massive construction and renovation projects underway on the campus, thanks to Bioscience Connecticut and the vision of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the Connecticut General Assembly.

By this time next year, the majority of outpatient services will be moved into the new Outpatient Pavilion on the lower campus. A year later, in early 2016, the new patient care tower will open; and in 2018, renovations to the existing clinical building are expected to be completed.

“All of these initiatives will usher in a new era of modern medicine, bolstered by expansion and renovations to our academic and research facilities,” says Torti. “Our future is very bright.”

The new UConn Health television ads will air through June on local broadcast affiliates. The radio ad will air on several commercial stations, as well as WNPR. The online ads will be seen on a variety of sites including and

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