Sundae Celebration of Clinical Excellence

To view a photo gallery of the event, click the image above.
Ice Cream Social
UConn Health holds an ice cream social to mark milestones in infection prevention and door-to-balloon time standards. (Janine Gelineau/UConn Health Photo) To view a photo gallery of the event, click the image above.

UConn Health is celebrating clinical excellence and quality milestones, two in particular:

In one year, 100 percent of heart attack patients received interventional care meeting or exceeding national standards. The period of time between a patient’s arrival at the hospital to the time they receive an intervention such as a stent, known as “door-to-balloon” time, is 48 minutes at UConn Health’s John Dempsey Hospital, which is well below the national and state averages.

The adult intensive care unit has gone more than a year now without a central line acquired blood stream infection.

“Central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) continues to be one of the most deadly and costly hospital-associated infections in the U.S.,” says Angelique Richard, interim chief nursing officer. “The ability to eliminate CLABSI by the combined efforts of the nursing and medical staff reflects our commitment to collaboration and partnership in the pursuit of excellence in patient care.  Similarly, getting heart attack patients from the point of entry (ED) to the cath lab in less than 90 minutes (the industry’s standard) speaks to the outstanding collaboration and commitment to excellence between our emergency department and cath lab clinical teams.”

In recognition of these achievements, UConn Health held an ice cream social Wednesday.

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