UConn Statement on Potential Federal Overhaul to Title IX

Today the U.S. Department of Education announced that it will overhaul the Title IX guidance on sexual assault and harassment.

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Today the U.S. Department of Education announced that it will be holding a public comment period before issuing new regulations and/or guidance concerning how colleges and universities should address sexual harassment and sexual violence under Title IX. Title IX is a federal law enacted in 1972 that prohibits discrimination and harassment of students and employees based on sex (gender). Its protections include prohibitions on sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking.

UConn is committed to maintaining a safe and non-discriminatory environment for our students, staff and faculty. Sex-based discrimination, harassment and interpersonal violence in all forms contradicts UConn’s mission and values, and should find no safe harbor on our campuses. Our Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Interpersonal Violence outlines that commitment in detail.

As a University community, we have made great strides over the past several years to enhance both our prevention and response measures across all of our campuses.  This includes a trauma-informed approach to support victims and survivors, while ensuring that appropriate support and due process protections are provided for those engaged in an investigation process.

Our work is focused on creating a UConn community environment that does not tolerate sex-based discrimination, harassment or related interpersonal violence in any form.  Last year alone, the University trained all incoming students, faculty and staff at all UConn campuses in sexual harassment and violence prevention and response, hosted hundreds of awareness programs, and launched a required upper-division online training for students, “Not Anymore.”   UConn’s extensive prevention and education efforts in this area will continue to be one of our most important university priorities. As active bystanders we stand up for one another and Protect our Pack – and that commitment to one another continues.

Any community member who wants to learn more about Title IX at UConn, including resources and reporting options, is encouraged to visit www.titleix.uconn.edu.


Elizabeth Conklin

Title IX Coordinator

Associate Vice President, Office of Institutional Equity