Temporary Changes to Calhoun Way Traffic Patterns to Improve Pedestrian Safety

A view of Gampel Pavilion and the Jim Calhoun Way sign on April 29, 2015. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)
A view of Gampel Pavilion and the Jim Calhoun Way. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

UConn is temporarily changing some traffic patterns to allow only one-way traffic on part of Jim Calhoun Way to improve pedestrian safety around one of the busiest spots on the Storrs campus.

Starting Friday, Feb. 9, Calhoun Way will be limited to one-way traffic westbound from Hillside Road to the Gampel Service Drive access road behind the pavilion.

The changes will reduce the number of options that pedestrians and drivers need to consider at the busy intersection of Hillside Road and Calhoun Way, helping improve safety in that busy area the UConn Bookstore, Gampel Pavilion, School of Business, and other popular destinations.

The University is also working with the team in charge of the new Recreation Center construction area, where fencing will be adjusted near the Hillside Road intersection so a full crosswalk can be created. The fence adjustment will also improve drivers’ and pedestrians’ line of sight.

Signs are also being revised in the area to help people quickly understand the traffic and pedestrian patterns.

The remaining portion of Jim Calhoun Way between Gampel Service Drive and Separatist Road will remain two-way, allowing regular access to South Garage, I-Lot, sports facilities and Alumni Drive.

The changes are slated to be in place through the end of the spring 2018 semester, when underground utility work will start on Jim Calhoun Way and Hillside Road for the summer. As long as the new traffic patterns are shown to be effective, the changes may be re-established for the fall 2018 semester when the utility improvements are completed.