Campus Construction in May

A view of construction along North Eagleville Road on Oct. 13, 2017. (Stephanie Reitz/UConn File Photo)
How cars and pedestrians will be affected by construction that starts this month on various infrastructure upgrades. (Stephanie Reitz/UConn File Photo)

With the spring semester at its end, summer construction is about to ramp up in several spots at UConn Storrs where traffic patterns could change and drivers may encounter detours in coming weeks.

Construction projects of varying sizes are either starting Tuesday or, if they’re already in progress, accelerating, in the wake of commencement ceremonies.

Thousands of students moved out of residence halls over the past week and weekend, with a handful of resident assistants leaving early this week. About 150 to 200 students remain on campus for summer session, and will relocate into Peter J. Werth Towers on Friday.

Drivers are cautioned to continue watching for pedestrians throughout the summer, even though there are far fewer walkers than during the regular academic year.

As was the case last summer, UConn will provide monthly construction updates to notify students, employees and guests about the status of significant projects, and to help them anticipate changes in traffic and pedestrian patterns.

The University’s Office of Planning, Design, and Construction also posts many resources on its website to explain significant construction activity by semester, along with project updates and detailed quarterly construction status reports. In addition, the office keeps a running blog on its website with project updates, specifics about traffic impacts from construction, and other news.

Horsebarn Hill Extension / Dairy Bar Area

If you’re planning to make tracks for some Husky Tracks ice cream, access to the UConn Dairy Bar this summer will be easiest by turning from Route 195 onto Jerry Yang Road and circling around the Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory (colloquially known as the “big banana” building for its curved shape).

Horsebarn Hill Extension, which many people have used over the years as their main route to the Dairy Bar, will be closed this summer as part of a pedestrian safety project that involves adding sidewalks and lights, and correcting drainage issues.

Dairy Bar visitors will be able to use Jerry Yang Road to go back to Route 195, but can also leave by driving along Horsebarn Hill Road, giving them a picturesque view of campus from the hilltop and close views of the animal barns.

Jim Calhoun Way / Alumni Drive

Part of Jim Calhoun Way has been closed since last fall as part of a project that will eventually transform the southwest portion of the UConn Storrs campus into an Athletics District with updated facilities for baseball, softball and soccer.

The road is currently closed between the Freitas Ice Forum and Alumni Drive, with no through traffic allowed from Separatist Road to Hillside Road.

Starting Tuesday, detours will be in place near the “D” Lot parking area and the Werth Family UConn Basketball Champions Center as the intersection of Jim Calhoun Way and Alumni Drive will be closed for two to three weeks.

Also, the portion of Alumni Drive between Jim Calhoun Way and Husky Circle will have one-way traffic in alternating directions starting Tuesday for about two to three weeks.

Signage will be in place to direct people to South Garage around the detours. People who park in the “I” Lot can reach it via Separatist Road and, when necessary, vehicles will be routed through Hilltop Apartments when special events are occurring nearby on campus.

The UConn Bookstore will remain open for its regular operations and special summer events it hosts, including those during orientation sessions.

Also of Note for May:

  • Portions of Hillside Road in central campus will be on alternating one-way traffic patterns occasionally starting Tuesday between Jim Calhoun Way and Fairfield Way as crews work on a project to install safety bollards near of Gampel Pavilion’s entrances.
  • Coventry Road and Maple Lane, which are near the School of Fine Arts, are both closed throughout the summer and there’ll be no through traffic there between Mansfield Road to the north and Bolton Road to the south. To reach the “S” Lot parking area, drivers should follow signs taking them from Bolton Road via Alethia Drive.
  • On North Campus, Auditorium Road and Auditorium Road Extension will be closed temporarily at various times in coming months, eventually closing in August and remaining closed through fall 2020. There’ll be no through traffic there between North Eagleville Road and Jorgensen Road during those periods.