New Husky One Cards Ready For Employee Pickup

The new cards are now available to employees at the One Card Office, with student cards arriving in two weeks' time.

Jonathan XIV's new Husky One Card.

The new cards are now available to employees at the One Card Office, with student cards arriving in two weeks' time.

Editor’s Note: Employee cards for the Law School, Hartford, and Waterbury have been delivered to those campuses. Employees at those campuses are able to pick up their card. As of July 26, the university has not yet delivered the cards to Stamford, UConn Health, and Avery Point. Those cards are still on the Storrs campus. Pickup areas for regional campuses can be found at:

A new version of the Husky One Card is now available for all members of the UConn community, including students, staff, faculty, and those with emeritus status. This applies to the Storrs and regional campuses, UConn Law, and in addition, UConn Health (for those that already had a UConn ID).

The new version of the card contains a smartcard chip, which is encrypted, to provide additional security. It is not a contact chip as seen on credit cards or ATM cards; instead the user taps the card to a reader.

UConn employees at any campus will use the new card to get tax exemption while purchasing food on campus, use the Husky Bucks program, and gain entrance to locked doors that they are authorized to enter. Those who purchase memberships at the new Student Recreation Center in Storrs will use the cards to enter as well.

For students, the new Husky One Card will be required to gain admittance to the new Student Recreation Center, dining halls, and to use Husky Bucks at locations such as the Student Union Food Court.

UConn employees can pick up their new cards starting today, Monday, July 15, at the One Card Office in room 207 of the Wilbur Cross Building from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Cards for employees and staff at regional campuses plus UConn Health and UConn Law may also pick cards up in Storrs until further notice. Pickup locations on those campuses will also be offered, with dates and times to be announced.

Cards for UConn students will arrive in approximately two weeks, and there will be pickup times and dates at the One Card Office and in the Hugh S. Greer Field House. Incoming students received their new cards during orientation.

Current Husky One Cards should be retained until new ones are picked up. Old Husky One Cards will be deactivated at that time. There will be a $30 charge for replacement cards.

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