UConn Research and the COVID-19 Pandemic

UConn's Ranjan Srivastava is doing research aimed to help find effective treatments for COVID-19 (Getty Images)

UConn faculty and students are normally busy doing research of various types all over all the campuses that make up the University of Connecticut. While that broad array of research still exists, in recent weeks, many faculty members and students have understandably turned their attention to the COVID-19 pandemic, and specifically, how their work can help in a multiplicity of ways. To date, that’s encompassed everything from using computer models to track the spread of the disease to initiating cross-campus collaborations on manufacturing needed personal protective equipment for health care workers.

UConn has assembled the efforts of University faculty, staff, and students in a quick-reference web page that will be regularly updated as more projects are announced and as more efforts to better help our state, region, country, and world respond to the pandemic get under way.

Members of UConn Nation have adjusted their specialties and abilities and have applied them specifically to this fight. From the development of emergency ventilators to long-term, grant-funded research on the virus’s effect on STEM learning by undergraduates, from the production fo hand sanitizer to the study of how warm weather may affect the spread of COVID-19, UConn researchers are lending their expertise in the service of understanding – and combating – the global pandemic.

Visit the website here.