A Statement From UConn on DACA

A statement from the University of Connecticut on the DACA program.

The University seal

UConn releases two reports that detail its response to safety issues this week. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

The University of Connecticut is relieved following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the Trump administration does not have the authority to immediately end the DACA program, which continues to provide opportunity and security to some 700,000 young people brought to the United States as children who lack a documented status.

UConn has been and will continue to be a vocal supporter of this program and its beneficiaries.

This is an important victory for friends, neighbors, fellow students, and coworkers across UConn Nation who are enrolled in the DACA program and contribute so much to our communities both here at UConn and around the country.

Recipients of DACA were brought to the US as children and know no other home. While not a long term solution for our immigrant communities, we are hopeful that the program will continue to live on. The notion that these young people could be detained and deported to a country where they would be a stranger is unconscionable.

DACA is not a simply a matter of pragmatism and common sense, it is a program that speaks to our highest ideals as Americans.

And finally, to those DACA recipients, and more broadly undocumented individuals, who are current UConn students or alumni: We support you. You belong here. You are part of the UConn community, today and forever.