Dental Students Perform Free Oral Screenings in Norwich

Third year dental students. (Dr. Robert Strick photo)

Students in the School of Dental Medicine were able to get hands on experience while serving the community during a free health event in Norwich, Connecticut.

Hosted by the Greater Norwich Chamber of Commerce (GNCC), second, third, and fourth year dental students provided free oral screenings at the “Better You, BETTER TOGETHER” community event.

This event was open to the public and included free dental screenings, flu vaccines, COVID-19 tests, health care screenings and a food drive.

Michelle Rousseau, DMD class of 2022 said: “Dental care is absolutely critical to a person’s overall well-being and self-esteem. I love events like these because it is an opportunity for me to connect with my community and provide knowledge on how to improve oral health and hygiene habits outside of an office setting!”

Dr. Robert Strick, DMD class of 1979, coordinated the event with UConn students and the GNCC. “We were very pleased with the resounding enthusiasm and professionalism displayed by all the students,” he said.

The following students participated in the event:

Year 2 students 

Nizi Acharte
Julia Witt
Amy Mohamed
Patricia Hare
Kevin Song

Year 3 students

Nanette Panzardi Rivera
Albert Chen
Dimitri Adamidis
Johua Kwolek
Michelle Rousseau
Emma Wentworth

Year 4 students

Ryeed Khan
Stephanie Petterson