Provost’s Outstanding Service Award Recognizes Faculty in Business, Nursing

The award honors faculty whose volunteer service enhances the University’s mission in teaching, research, service, or engagement.

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UConn releases two reports that detail its response to safety issues this week. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

The University of Connecticut has recognized two faculty members with the 2020 Provost’s Outstanding Service Award. The award honors faculty whose volunteer service is exemplary in enhancing the University’s mission in teaching, research, service, or engagement.

This year’s two recipients are Mohamed (Mo) Hussein, professor of accounting in the School of Business, and Thomas Long, professor-in-residence in the School of Nursing. Hussein and Long were honored in surprise visits to department meetings by Provost Carl Lejuez.

(UConn Photo/Ariel Dowski ’14)

Mohamed (Mo) Hussein joined the School of Business faculty at UConn in 1978. He has served the school in countless ways as faculty member, as well as in three different stints as Accounting Department Head and as Interim Dean. He was instrumental in the establishment of the School of Business PhD program, as well as CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research), serving on its advisory board for many years. Nomination materials noted his reputation as one of UConn’s most knowledgeable, veteran faculty, sought out by the administration for complex tasks and by individual faculty for advice and mentorship. He chaired the task force on sweatshop labor that led to UConn developing guidelines on ethical sourcing. This activity brought together two areas in which he has made enormous contributions: global affairs, and diversity and inclusion. Hussein is also a long-time member of the University Senate and many of its standing committees, including chairing the University Budget Committee.



(UConn Photo/Sean Flynn)

Thomas Long joined the School of Nursing faculty in 2008. His efforts to serve UConn have included significant roles on the University Senate, the General Education Oversight Committee, the Scholastic Standards Committee, as well as a variety of philanthropic and scholarship facilitation within the School of Nursing. Nomination materials highlighted Long’s impact on promoting high quality general education, with a specific focus on the development of the writing competency. In addition to promoting excellence among UConn students, nominators also emphasized his efforts to enhance the public perception of the University. He actively engages donors, works to integrate scholarship across disciplines, and honors the history of the University. Notably, in his role as curator of the Josephine A. Dolan Collection of Nursing History, Long led an effort with the National Library of Medicine to mark the 35th anniversary of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which was featured on WNPR.



The 2021 Provost’s Outstanding Service Award is open for nominations now through March 12. More information is available on the Provost’s Office website.