An Update on UConn’s Policy Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination

The goal of the policy is to safeguard health and wellness on UConn's campuses

The goal of the policy is to safeguard health and wellness on UConn's campuses ()

To the UConn Community:

I am writing to announce that earlier today the UConn Board of Trustees, following a recommendation of the university administration, voted to implement a policy requiring that all students who will be in-person on UConn’s campuses during the fall 2021 semester be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The goal of this policy is to help safeguard health and wellness on our campuses and in our communities by reducing the risk that the virus will be transmitted and cause illness, particularly in high-density congregant settings such as residence halls, dining halls, and classrooms. This policy is similar to those adopted at numerous other public and private institutions of higher education in the region and elsewhere to protect public health.

Please note that the policy allows students to apply for exemptions, including for medical and other reasons. Information on how to apply for an exemption will be shared by the Dean of Students this afternoon, as well as information on how to report your vaccination status to the university.

Vaccines are widely available and we urge our students to be vaccinated over the summer if you have not already done so. UConn will also make vaccines available to new and returning students who were unable to be completely vaccinated prior to arriving on our campuses in the fall, so they can be vaccinated upon arrival. These students will need to follow a modified quarantine until they are considered fully vaccinated.

Information for students on how to get vaccinated can be found here.

Please find a copy of the policy here, which includes additional background and information, including for international students.

Our most important near-term priority is opening safely in the fall, at near-full capacity, and we believe that this policy is one of the best and most effective ways to help accomplish that.

Warm regards,



[Editor’s note: This message was sent by Interim President Dr. Andrew Agwunobi to the UConn community via email on Friday, June 4, 2021]