Welcome Home, Huskies

Move-in Weekend got underway today, as first-year students began moving into the residence halls

Paw prints at Northwest Residence Hall on Aug. 24, 2021. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

For the newly arrived members of the class of 2025, what’s so “unprecedented,” to use an over-familiar word, is that everything feels so … normal.

Yes, there are facemasks and hand sanitizer and everyone has taken the UConn Promise to keep each other safe and healthy, but on a hot late summer day, with a line of cars snaking down Route 195 and parents smiling through happy tears and brand-new Huskies setting into their new home, this could be 2019 or 1996 or 1974, or any year before we heard the terms “socially distant” or “flatten the curve.”

And while the final page of this defining chapter has yet to be written, today is a sign that “normal” isn’t so far away. In these pictures by UConn photographers Peter Morenus and Sean Flynn, we see the full range of move-in weekend emotions familiar to Huskies of every generation: the excitement, the nerves, the pride, the curiosity, and the determination to experience everything life at a great university has to offer.

Welcome back, UConn. We missed you.