Parking Garages To Go Gateless

The North Garage, currently closed for significant maintenance renovation, is scheduled to reopen on August 15, 2022.

UConn Parking and Transportation Services is happy to announce that gateless parking garage operations will come to the Storrs campus in August.

Accelerated by the pandemic, customers have come to expect parking to be touchless and frictionless and have become accustomed to moving freely in and out of parking facilities to avoid delays.

Significant improvements in the University’s management systems, technological advancement in the parking industry, and the broad acceptance of mobile payments provided both the incentive and opportunity to reimagine on-campus garage parking. The result is expected to greatly enhance the customer experience and reduce overall operating costs.

University garage permit holders will still be able to park in the garages, but key cards will no longer be required.

Event coordinators will be able to prepay for their guests and visitors to park in a garage or in a specific parking lot.

The North Garage, currently closed for significant maintenance and renovation, is scheduled to reopen on August 15, 2022. This work represents the latest phase of a multi-year project to restore the parking garages.

In other news, ownership of the University’s HuskyGo shuttle buses transferred to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, and Windham Region Transit District now operates the on-campus shuttle service. The PassioGo bus tracker app now tracks HuskyGo shuttles and all other WRTD transit routes for a seamless experience across the campus and the region.

These and other changes result from an agreement between the University and the Connecticut Department of Transportation that will convert the HuskyGo diesel-powered transit fleet to battery-electric vehicles during the next several years and double the size and prominence of the WRTD.

Parking and Transportation’s partnership agreement will allow the University to avoid millions of dollars in expenses during the coming years and places its transit needs safely in the expert hands of public transit professionals.

Under the new structure, the HuskyGo brand will remain a strong on-campus presence for years to come!