Building closer U.S. ties with UConn

senior executives from the two universities signed a memorandum of understanding to establish ongoing mutually-beneficial collaborative teaching and research projects.


The University of Adelaide and the University of Connecticut (UConn) are developing closer connections to build mutually beneficial academic and scientific capabilities.

At UConn on July 27, senior executives from the two universities signed a memorandum of understanding to establish ongoing mutually-beneficial collaborative teaching and research projects.

The University of Adelaide’s Dr. Jessica Gallagher, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) and Professor Nelson Tansu, Head of the School of Electrical and Engineering, met with UConn’s Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Anne D’alleva and UConn Engineering Dean Kazem Kazerounian.

The agreement will build on previous collaboration between the two institutions in the fields of sustainability and energy. It will expand the partnership in the priority area of engineering by focusing the initial steps on promoting student mobility, faculty visits, and workforce capacity building.  

UConn’s School of Engineering has university-industry partnerships to advance the field of engineering  by training an innovative workforce and by accelerating research and development..

The University of Adelaide continues to build the research skills, infrastructure, and knowledge transfer abilities with this partnership, contributing to Australia’s national priorities.  .  

This latest visit to UConn builds on one earlier in the year and is part of the University of Adelaide’s broader engagement with its global strategic partners.

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Dr. Jessica Gallagher, Deputy Vice Chancellor (External Engagement), University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is excited to be building a long-term partnership with UConn.

This is the second visit by University of Adelaide staff to UConn this year which reflects our commitment to this important partnership which will strengthen collaboration between our two universities.

We will work together to align both university, industry and government goals to help build long-term prosperity and partnership.

Professor Nelson Tansu, Head of School, School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, University of Adelaide

Working closely with UConn and its impressive skill set is critical to further developing Australia’s engineering expertise.

We look forward to working with UConn with its significant strengths clean energy and other key engineering fields, which will mutually benefit our students, researchers and respective communities.

Professor Daniel Weiner, Vice President for Global Affairs, University of Connecticut

UConn’s partnership with the University of Adelaide is of strategic and critical importance. There is synergy between the two global institutions. We would like to move quickly to establish a detailed plan for our close engagement that ensures participation of our diverse faculty, researchers, and students. This will prove to be an impactful cooperation. 

Professor Anne D’alleva, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, University of Connecticut

While we focus on sustainability, clean energy, and engineering, we recognize that science and technology alone could not meet the challenges. We will engage our faculty and researchers from humanities and social sciences so that we consider the facts and ideas of arts, ethics, history, morality, and politics, and how our collaborations contribute to peace and prosperity for a democratic world. 

Joe Courtney, U.S. Congressman, Connecticut 2nd District.

The growing partnership between the University of Adelaide and the University of Connecticut is another testament to the strong bond between Australia, the U.S., and the state of Connecticut. Given the fact that Adelaide has been chosen to be the site of Australia’s AUKUS submarine shipyard and eastern Connecticut is home to Electric Boat’s 120-year-old shipyard, the affiliation between these two institutions makes perfect sense. I have no doubt this partnership will create outstanding opportunities for both students and faculty.

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