The School of Pharmacy 2023 Professionalism Ceremony Keynote Speaker

Marlon Fuller, Pharm.D., (‘04) will be the keynote speaker for the UConn School of Pharmacy’s professionalism ceremony on Saturday, October 21st.

Fuller graduated from UConn’s School of Pharmacy in 2004 and has since dedicated his career to benefiting the healthcare and education fields. He has made an impact by putting an emphasis on community engagement, patient care, and health equity. Throughout his pharmaceutical career, Fuller has worked with Target Pharmacy, North Carolina Medicaid, and in-patient care with Atrium Health. Through this broad span of roles, he prioritized optimal patient care and health equity.

Aside from pharmacy, Dr. Fuller also has a passion for making an impact on the world of education. Alongside his wife, Christina, he created a non-profit organization called geared towards teaching children financial literacy. This organization has educated over 20,000 children nationwide about financial literacy and the wealth gap in disadvantaged communities.

Outside of his professional accomplishments, Fuller is also a husband and father to four children who inspire him to improve diversity in the pharmaceutical field for the next generation. He brought this goal to fruition by initiating a public school partnership with the School of Pharmacy, New Haven Public School System, and Walgreens. This partnership encouraged underrepresented students to pursue a career in pharmacy and provided mentorship for those interested in the field. This partnership was a success and reached over 200 minority students through hosting presentations, campus tours, and mentorship opportunities.

“We are honored to host Dr. Fuller at our professional ceremony this year,” says Dean Phil Hritcko. “His devotion not only to the field but to the community is inspirational and an excellent illustration of the diverse opportunities available with a pharmacy degree.”