The School of Pharmacy is Pleased to Announce Raman Bahal as the Recipient of the Moderna Award for Biomedical Innovation

The RNA Society recognizes Raman Bahal as the first recipient of the Moderna Award for Biomedical Innovation in RNA

Professor Raman Bahal in his lab at the School of Pharmacy.

The RNA Society was formed in 1993 to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of experimental results and emerging concepts in ribonucleic acid research. The Society encompasses RNA research broadly: from the ribosome to the spliceosome, RNA viruses to catalytic RNAs, and long noncoding RNAs to coding RNAs. They are an international multidisciplinary society representing molecular, evolutionary, and structural biology, biochemistry, biomedical sciences, chemistry, genetics, and virology as they relate to questions of the structure and function of RNA.

The RNA Society Moderna Award for Biomedical Innovation in RNA was established in 2023 to recognize innovative contributions to the use or function of RNA in biomedicine, disease processes, and treatments. The basis for the award is independent research conducted in the recipient’s laboratory, and the awardee must be within the first 10 years of their independence.

Raman Bahal, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics, was honored as the inaugural recipient of the Moderna Award for Biomedical Innovation by the RNA Society.  Bahal, although early in his career, has made a positive impact through his leadership and innovative research. Bahal is an esteemed role model for others while simultaneously making valuable contributions to RNA research and biomedicine. Bahal has notably conducted research on delivering ribonucleic acids to target cells for cancer therapy.

“I am immensely proud to see Raman honored as the inaugural recipient of the Moderna Award for Biomedical Innovation by the RNA Society,” says José E. Manautou, Pharmaceutical Sciences department head. “His unique combination of academic rigor and practical impact embodies the excellence we value in our faculty. Raman’s achievements are an inspiration to both his mentees, who represent the future of research, and his fellow faculty members.”

Some of Bahal’s other recent recognitions and awards include a 2021 UConn’s Excellence in Research & Creativity: Early Career Award from the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 2021 National Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Education (NIPTE) Rising Star Scholar Award, 2023 American Association of pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Emerging Leader Award and the 2023 Oligonucleotide Therapeutic Society (OTS) Young Investigator Award.

The RNA Society will recognize Raman Bahal with this award at the 2024 Annual Meeting which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on May 28th- June 4th.