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UConn Law panelists

Law School Panel Explores Reforms to Prevent Police Violence

There is a role for everyone—lawyers, law students and the general public—in seeking justice for victims of police violence and pressing for reform, panelists told the audience at a forum sponsored by the UConn School of Law on Thursday. “The grassroots activists are out there and they can’t do it alone,” said Lonita Baker, a […]

U.S. Supreme Court frieze

Law Symposium Considers Political Questions and the Courts

The refusal of U.S. courts to decide cases that involve politics is unique and potentially harmful, Columbia Law Professor Jamal Greene told an audience of 200 at the Connecticut Law Review’s annual symposium on October 9, 2020. Using Canada, Israel and India for comparison, Greene noted that the highest courts in those countries don’t avoid […]

UConn Law Alumni Say Pandemic Brings New Challenges to Legal Aid Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges faced by lower-income people in Connecticut, say graduates of the UConn School of Law.

An illustration showing a placard saying "Election 2020" overlaid with a strip of paper saying "coronavirus"

Elections in a Time of Pandemic: A UConn Legal Expert Explains

UConn legal scholar Douglas Spencer explains how the COVID-19 pandemic could affect U.S. elections.

Q&A: Coronavirus and Connecticut Taxes

UConn School of Law Prof. Richard Pomp provides some insight on how the coronavirus pandemic might affect Connecticut's state and local revenues (hint: it's not a pretty picture).

An electronic sign reading "US Border Closed" at the country's border with Canada.

Q&A: What COVID-19 Means For Immigration

UConn Law Prof. Valeria Gomez talks about the ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has already changed the U.S. immigration system.

Q&A: Coronavirus and Health Insurance

UConn Law's John A. Cogan Jr. explains what people should expect from their health insurance as the coronavirus pandemic evolves.

Jonathan Donovan '20 JD assists Jessica Rubin, director of the Animal Law Clinic, in using the new case management system that he and fellow students in a new Technology and Law Practice class devised for the clinic. (Camille Chill/UConn Photo)

New Class Helps Law Students Improve Their Technology Skills

Students in the class developed real technical solutions to help both a legal services agency and the law school’s Animal Law Clinic.

Professor Sara Bronin Brings Focus to Historic Preservation

Speaking at one of New York City’s most important interpretive historic places, UConn Law Professor Sara Bronin led a virtual tour of some of the city’s famous sites, explaining how laws or court decisions changed the destinies of those properties. Her presentation on September 25, 2018, at the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side […]