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Associate Professor of Physics Cara Battersby talks to attendees at a solar eclipse viewing on Horsebarn Hill in 2017. Her work uses high-performance computing to understand astronomical questions

The Study of Big Data: How CLAS Researchers Use Data Science

UConn researchers are using big data to attack issues of climate, space, genetics and public health

UConn researchers are working to save the planet, one ethical decision at a time.

The Research of our Environment: How UConn Researchers are Working to Save the Planet

With insects declining precipitously, plastics building up in our oceans, and indigenous cultures suffering under misguided eco-policies, these UConn researchers are working to save the planet, one ethical decision at a time.

In this 1982 Hartford Courant image, Laotian refugees work on a plantation in Simsbury.

The Research of Difference: How UConn Researchers are Tackling Anti-Racism

Black women and heart disease. Asian Americans and plantations. Slavery and…monsters? Find out how these anti-racism scholars are tackling issues of difference at UConn.

A written paper marked up in red ink.

UConn Conference Tackles Racism in Teaching Writing

The initiative, titled “Racism In the Margins,” sought to help professors better understand how to be anti-racist when teaching – and grading – writing assignments.

Paper leaves with ideas on how to confront racism at UConn.

New CLAS Programs Support Anti-Racist Teaching, Research and Community Engagement

Newly announced programs in CLAS will support anti-racist course development, enable novel insights into racism on college campuses, and facilitate direct interaction with anti-racist activists.

Christine Rodriguez smiles for a photo.

Gender and Identity: Forging New Paths

A $500,000 fund granted to UConn has furthered research in gender identity through fellowships to more than 30 young researchers.

Katharine Capshaw and Lisa Park Boush stand together in the Wilbur Cross Building

CLAS Expands Diversity and Research Efforts with New Deans

The new associate deans for diversity, equity, and inclusion; and for research and graduate affairs will address gaps and foster new paths in the College.

UConn Becomes First In CT To Offer Sign Language Major

UConn has become the first higher education institution in Connecticut to offer a four-year degree in American Sign Language.

A bobtail squid under a microscope in the lab.

Not Only Adorable: Squid Open Up New Antimicrobial Drug Possibilities

The glowing Hawaiian bobtail squid is more than a pretty face: New research shows that its symbiotic bacteria create antifungal compounds, which may be of use in drug discovery.

Avinoam Patt, the Doris and Simon Konover Chair of Judaic Studies and director of the Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life, leads a class on Modern Jewish Thought. (Bri Diaz/UConn Photo)

Why Are So Many Jews Funny? New Judaic Studies Director Explains

The new UConn Director of Judaic Studies brings humor and a commitment to teaching and outreach to the center, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.