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Woman in detention center. (iStock Photo)

Helping Asylum-Seekers Prepare for the Courts

A group of UConn law and social work students will spend Spring Break assisting women asylum-seekers detained at a federal immigration center.

Judges' seats in the Supreme Court. (iStock Photo)

After Scalia: Battle for the Supreme Court

The tension surrounding the Supreme Court nomination underscores the high stakes at play. Political scientist David Yalof discusses the process.

A group of social work students are in D.C. for two days to learn about and lobby for issues related to the well-being of the clients and communities they serve. (iStock Photo)

Social Work Students Head to Capitol Hill

The students went to D.C. to learn about and lobby for issues related to the well-being of the clients and communities they serve.

A pharmacist holding a syringe. (iStock Photo)

Pharmacists Working to Combat Opioid Overdose

The UConn School of Pharmacy is helping train pharmacists to prescribe naloxone, an opioid overdose antidote.

Ocean polluted with plastic garbage. (iStock Photo)

The State of the World’s Oceans

UConn marine biodiversity expert Ann Bucklin discusses the issues raised in the United Nations' recent World Ocean Assessment.

Still life photo of pills and pill bottles. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Long-term Prescription Needed to Solve Drug Shortages

Pharmacy professor C. Michael White says the solution to drug shortages lies in building up the supply chain, not rationing.

New mother struggling with depression. (iStock Photo)

Why Pregnant Women Should be Screened for Depression

Nursing professor Cheryl Beck comments on new national guidelines that recommend depression screening for all pregnant and postpartum women.

Business-related tweets on a smartphone. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Twitter Volume a Guide to Stock Options Pricing

A UConn researcher says spikes in the number of tweets about a company can be used as the basis for a profitable stock options trading strategy.

Father and son being interviewed by a professional. (iStock image)

UConn Partners with State on Child Welfare Project

The federally funded program seeks to prepare an ethnically and linguistically diverse group of social workers to work with vulnerable children and families.

U.S. and Puerto Rico flags as pieces of a puzzle. (iStock Image)

Countdown to a Decision Over Puerto Rico’s Debt

Until Congress enacts a board to oversee Puerto Rico’s administration of public funds, any investment or bailout is wasted money, says UConn's Charles Venator-Santiago.