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Man, woman and child cycling

Know Your Stroke Risk

Our Stroke Awareness Month coverage continues with a report on risk factors and steps you and your loved ones can take to try to prevent stroke.

Stroke survivor and son

Strokes Affect Younger People, Too

Stroke deaths have become more top of mind as the recent deaths of Luke Perry and John Singleton have made national headlines.

Milk donor Elizabeth Haskell and UConn Health lacatation consultant Marisa Merlo

Milestone for UConn Health Milk Depot

In less than nine months, the milk depot at UConn John Dempsey Hospital already has collected 10,000 fluid ounces of donated breast milk.

Dr. David Weinstein with Jerrod, the first patient to receive a novel gene therapy that Weinstein developed for the treatment of glycogen storage disease. (Frank Barton and Ethan Giorgetti/UConn Health Photo)

Positive Results for Treating GSD From Gene Therapy

Positive results were recently announced from an ongoing study of adeno-associated virus based gene therapy as treatment for glycogen storage disease.