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For nearly two decades, I have led media relations on behalf of a diverse mix of higher education institutions. Here, faculty, staff and students pursue answers to critical questions in labs, lecture halls and communities. Our communication about that work through social media, film, photography and editorial content, serves the vital role of informing the public about the challenges of a changing global society.

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Raising Awareness About Cybersecurity

Given the fact that the most common passwords for computer users are not secure at all – “password” and “12345” – cybersecurity is an issue that should be a concern to even the personal user. That was the message recently conveyed by a panel of cybersecurity experts hosted by the Center of Excellence for Security […]


UConn Sees Record Number of Applicants

The Perils of Sexism for Men and Boys

In a new book, Professor James O'Neil discusses how men’s gender role conflict relates to mental health problems, substance abuse, and relationship problems.

A spoon with cash, representing a cash reward for weight loss. (iStock Photo)

Small Cash Rewards Pay Off in Weight Loss Plans

In contrast to large cash rewards, smaller sums for weight loss also motivated people to keep it off, a new study found. Part of a semester-long series exploring obesity research by UConn faculty.

Old Story, New Plot: A Look at Censorship

Suzy Staubach, general books manager at the UConn Co-op, writes about the latest censorship tactic on the occasion of Banned Books Week.

New York Times

Academic Skills Tied to Income Level

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Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity Moves to UConn

A new partnership with the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity was announced today in Hartford.


Plants hitch a lift on migrating birds