ACCP recognizes John Awad (Pharm.D. Class of 2019)

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John Awad (P4, Class of ’19) was recently nominated and appointed to the 2019 American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Clinical Practice Affairs Committee. The committee is critical to channeling the talents and energies of ACCP members toward the continued success of the organization. He also received the ACCP’s  Clinical Administration PRN Student Travel Award which allowed him to attend the ACCP’s 2018 Global Conference in Seattle, Washington.

His path was recently spotlighted in the organization’s November  Journal of the ACCP

John Awad UConn School of Pharmacy
John Awad, Pharm.D. candidate, class of 2019

Awad’s research looks at access to limited distribution drugs at 340B* pricing  and analyzes the clinical and financial impact of limited distribution networks to 340B entities and their patients. The project was set up with Lori Bond, Pharm.D. a 340B pharmacist that works with Peter Tyczkowski, R.Ph., 340B Pharmacy Program Integrity Manager at Yale New Haven Health.

“John actively engaged with our 340B Program Integrity team during the course of his June APPE with us,” said Tyczkowski.  “He showed great interest and working with the team to explore areas of challenge such as the accessibility of specialty drugs at 340B pricing when these drugs may have restricted channels of distribution.   Working with Lori Bond, John pursued interviews with those in leadership positions with 340B Stakeholder organizations.  In concert with this action, he created a questionnaire that was disseminated to 340B participating hospitals to assess the extent to which these hospitals were adversely impacted by not being able to access limited distribution drugs at 340B Prices and therefore limiting access to these drugs based on pricing to some of the most vulnerable patients.”

Long-term Awad is looking to pursue a leadership role within a large health system. Currently a P4 in the School of Pharmacy, Tyczkowski notes that Awad’s project will be helpful in his shorter term goal of securing a health system pharmacy administration residency.

 *340B pricing is a long-time government led initiative that allows for reduced prices on drugs at hospitals serving uninsured and low-income patients. Learn more at