Clinton Couple Smiles Again Thanks to UConn Dentists

Avinash Bidra DDS, MS, FACP is a clinical associate professor and the director of the post-graduate prosthodontics program at the UConn School of Dental Medicine. September 18, 2019 (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health photo)

“If anyone can make you dentures, it’s the people at UConn Health,” a friend told Prague Limoncelli of Clinton, Connecticut.

Prague suffered major tooth loss following several illnesses over the past two years and was looking to get new dentures. Prague’s local dentist told her that, due to the complexity of her bones and gums, she would likely need an extensive surgical procedure in order to be able to wear dentures.

Prague has already had several extractions and oral surgery, and therefore, was unhappy with this prognosis. She was referred to UConn Health’s post-graduate prosthodontics clinic and met with Dr. Avinash Bidra, clinical associate professor, and Dr. Samuel Lee, second-year resident.

After an examination, Bidra and Lee determined that she would not need surgery. Dentures were indeed a possibility.

“The two of these doctors were so pleasant, friendly and positive that they changed my life,” said Prague.

Lee was enrolled in a denture course taught by Bidra to learn how to fabricate dentures using actual patient cases. Prague and her husband Bob—who is also a candidate for dentures—agreed to participate in the course and worked directly with the residents to create the perfect set of dentures.

The results? “The experience was so good. Both me and Bob ended up with dentures and will be patients there whenever the need arises,” said Prague.

“After I inserted the dentures, she had tears rolling down her face because she could go out and smile, laugh, and function again. Seeing her happiness made me incredibly happy as well – that’s why I chose this profession,” said Lee.

Prague is now looking forward to coming back to the prosthodontics clinic at UConn Health next year to enhance her dentures with new dental implants.