The Department of Allied Health Sciences: an overview

medical lab

The Department of Allied Health Sciences (AHS) is home to distinguished faculty working in numerous fields of study and providing research opportunities for more than 800 undergraduate and graduate students.

“This is a department with diverse programs and faculty with strengths in advising, teaching and research,” says Justin Nash, professor and department head. Upon joining the department in January 2017, his immediate goal was to capitalize on the success of the established programs while growing the graduate programs.

He says, “We have recently launched a Ph.D. program in Health Promotion Sciences (HPS). The first class is in its second year, and it has attracted students from as far away as Uganda.”

The Master of Science in HPS allows students to develop individualized plans of study toward health-related careers in fields such as community health, while the Ph.D. program prepares students for careers in health-related research. Additionally, many of the MS students are graduates of professional programs seeking advanced credentials in health promotion.

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