Landscape alumni put their interests to work

Recently ranked as one of the 10 Best Landscape Architecture Programs for 2018, CAHNR’s landscape architecture course also prepares many for successful careers.

Landscape architects with a degree from UConn may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but they are quite good at making functional and attractive spaces outside buildings around the world. Mark Westa, an associate professor in plant science and landscape architecture (PSLA), thinks these alumni have acquired landscape architecture (LA) “super powers,” such as drawing, creativity and problem-solving, in order to help them in their careers.

In addition to fostering super powers, this nationally accredited, professional degree LA program makes it possible to combine the pursuit of varied interests within one major. Most beginning LA students have inclinations toward at least two of these: artistic expression, constructing things that have lasting value, interacting with many different types of peopleor enhancing both the built and natural environments, according to Westa. LA Alumni Dan Colbeck, Ashley Cruz, Nancy King and Masato Kametani are examples of those who put their learning and interests to work after they left UConn.

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