The Mediterranean Diet, Italy, and You. Join us this November in Florence.

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The Mediterranean diet is one of the most unique, delicious and important diets in terms of its ability to optimize our health, promote longevity, prevent disease and sustain our environment. Scientific studies and meta-analyses unequivocally demonstrate that the diet out of Italy and region is effective in preventing or even reversing cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in the US and Europe. US obesity rates are in fact three times higher than Italians and our life span is four years shorter.

Although the foods consumed in Mediterranean countries form quite possibly the healthiest diet in the world, what do Americans really understand about the Mediterranean diet aside from the media portrayal? Similarly, medical professionals have a strong scientific basis for recommending the Mediterranean Diet to their clientele, but do we really understand the nuances of this diet and lifes

Join the UConn School of Pharmacy,  Department of Allied Health Sciences, and  Office of Global Affairs – Education Abroad in Florence Italy, November 5-9, 2018 for a in situ exploration of the Mediterranean diet, The Mediterranean Diet from an Italian Perspective Conference workshops and tours will take full advantage of the rich Mediterranean cuisine and examine first-hand the profound role food plays in community, family, ethnicity, nutrition, health, and national identity. Overall, attendees will experience the insider’s view of the real Mediterranean diet; one that is considerably different than what is portrayed in the US.

The event includes local tours and cultural events. Below, a NY Times pieces on the beautiful city:

More information and link to sign up for the conference in Florence, Italy click HERE.

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