NCAA Announces Student Research Grant Winners

Lorin Mordecai

Doctoral student Lorin Mordecai, was recently selected as a recipient of the 2018 National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Graduate Student Research Grant.

The scholarship is one of five awarded nationally this year to graduate students with research on college sports that broadly addresses student-athlete well-being and college athletics participation. The NCAA supports intercollegiate athletics research to help “inform NCAA member schools and the public on key topics by introducing new studies to the field.” As a recipient of the award, Ms. Mordecai was invited to present her dissertation research, Student-Athletes as Active Bystanders: Assessing Gender Role Conflict & Intentions to Access Sexual Assault Resources, to the NCAA Research Committee in fall 2019.

“In the wake of the #MeToo movement, we are seeing survivors feel more empowered to speak about sexual assault particularly in sports” stated Lorin. “This research is incredibly important to not only learn about perceived barriers to reporting sexual assault in the sports culture, but also learn about student-athletes’ bystander behaviors and their intentions to encourage peers to access campus resources. The NCAA has been taking steps to address sexual violence in intercollegiate athletics over the last few years and I’m excited to have their support.”

Dr. Cristina Wilson, Lorin’s Dissertation Committee Chair, described the significance of her work. “Lorin’s research will facilitate a dialogue on sexual violence in intercollegiate athletics which can help reduce the stigma of reporting incidents or accessing resources among a vulnerable group of college students. The NCAA Graduate Student Research Grant will also help legitimize her role as a leader in the sports social work movement.”