Quarterly Recap of Pharmacy Faculty Research Grants- FY2020-Q1

Close up look at a section of the UConn School of Pharmacy Building

Recapping the quarter ending September 30, 2019, the UConn School of Pharmacy congratulates the following faculty and their teams for the below-listed research grant awards totaling $1,707,390:

In the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Raman Bahal, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics:

  • $100,000  from the St.Baldrick’s Foundation exploring next generation targeting of tumor microenvironment for cancer therapy.

Robin H. Bogner, Professor of Pharmaceutics:

  • $45,000 from the DHHS/NIH/National Institute of Mental Health/Physical Sciences for the development of quality by design process development tools for freeze drying co-solvent pharmaceutical formulations.

Dennis Wright, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

  • $161,000 from the DHHS/NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/UConn Health Center for research targeting viral alkaline nucleases for the development of broad spectrum anti herpes virus therapeutics.

In the Department of Pharmacy Practice:

Nathaniel Rickles, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice:

  • $699,945 from the DHHS/FDA for work exploring the feasibility and effectiveness of an opioid package to impact opioid prescribing, dispensing, and patient use outcomes.
  • $627,410 from the DHHS/CDC  to engage community pharmacies as partners in advancing participation in the WISEWOMAN project.
  • $74,035  from the CT Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services  for academic detailing on opioid safety in Connecticut.