Researchers Propose Innovative Idea to Prevent Child Neglect

Megan Feely

The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (EndCAN) held a competition inviting professionals to share their most disruptive ideas on how to end child abuse and neglect.

UConn faculty members Megan Feely (SSW) and Kerri Raissian (Public Policy) and colleagues Lindsey Bullinger and William Schneider submitted a paper that proposes to prevent child neglect through “a new approach of focusing on macro-level factors, such as economies, labor markets, and governmental affairs… These macro factors play a key, yet underexplored, role in family circumstances, and they strongly influence parents’ ability to consistently provide safe and sufficient environments for their children”.

Three winners were selected, one in each of the categories: Clinical, Prevention, and Research. Dr. Feely, Dr. Raissian and their colleagues won in the Research category and will present at EnCAN’s first national summit this March in Denver, CO.