A Running Obstetrician Adjusts to COVID-19’s New Normal

This June 4-7 OB/GYN Dr. Chris Morosky plans on running the UConn Health Half Marathon's 10k race to support his fellow UConn Health healthcare heroes alongside a few of his favorite running partners, his kids (Photo Credit: Hartford Marathon Foundation).

For UConn Health’s Dr. Christopher Morosky, an OB/GYN, running has provided an ideal fitness routine that can be squeezed into the busy schedule of a doctor, teacher, researcher and father of three.  With just a pair of running shoes and a decent day, Morosky can clear his mind and bring things into focus.

Labor and Delivery doesn’t get put on hold during a pandemic. Morosky continues to see patients in the office for prenatal care, ultrasounds and non-stress tests.  Like so many others that keep the hospital running, he’s performing his usual duties but also changing and adapting to meet the needs of this crisis.  He credits his colleagues with creating effective new workflows, safety procedures and modified plans for patient care to support patient needs in new ways.

OB/GYN Dr. Chris Morosky on the Labor & Delivery floor (Photo Credit: Hartford Marathon Foundation).

Many precautions are being taken to keep moms, babies and staff as safe as possible.  These necessary changes have had an impact on the real-life connections that expectant families can typically make around this special time. Patients cannot bring any visitors with them to office visits, and they are limited to just one support person at the hospital for delivery (the same person can stay but not leave and return).

“We understand the impact this has – the many missed special moments for family and friends,” says Morosky. “I have seen the amazing flexibility and sacrifice of our patients to change their hopes and expectations of office, hospital and birth experiences to keep everyone as safe as possible.  We’re trying to make some accommodations, we feel it’s really important for women to have that birth support, and it’s also important for the family member or spouse to experience the birth.”

Morosky feels grateful to be able to take care of these patients. Supporting them through the momentous occasion of childbirth during the COVID-19 pandemic only strengthens his gratitude to do this job everyday.

UConn Health is a teaching hospital and Morosky also thrives in his roles as educator and researcher.  But just like the changes for elementary, middle and high school learning, the medical school also had to adapt its curriculum to an online format and temporarily halt medical students’ clinical rotations.

“No matter how good a video you produce, it’s a challenge to teach how to deliver a baby without being at the bedside,” shared Morosky. “But I am confident that the modifications we are creating at the medical school will allow our students to return to the clinical environment fully prepared to jump right in.”

The accomplishments of graduating medical students and residents were celebrated differently this past weekend through online ceremonies, but with the same degree of excitement and respect for their hard work and commitment. Morosky’s congratulations video sums up his well wishes to his students and his enthusiasm for UConn.

Morosky is training to run for his fellow healthcare heroes June 4-7.  He’ll be running the UConn Health 10K with a few of his favorite running partners, his kids.

 He added: “It is extra special to reach the finish line with your kids. Now that they’re getting a little older, they are beating me there!”

This year’s virtual race participation will support the dedication and efforts of UConn Health’s heroes of doctors, nurses, and staff caring for COVID-19 patients on the front lines at UConn John Dempsey Hospital. A portion of each registration will be donated to the UConn Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund.

To register for the UConn Health Half Marathon, 10k, or 5k, which UConn Health is the proud sponsor, visit: here.