School of Social Work Recognizes Five Long-Time Field Instructors/Advisors

Field Education Award Recipients

Field Education has been recognized by the Council on Social Work Education as the signature pedagogy for social work. Our MSW students spend 560 hours per year for two years serving as interns in a wide range of agencies throughout Connecticut and in some neighboring states. “We could not prepare our students for successful professional practice without the invaluable contributions of social workers in the field”, said Dr. Megan Berthold, Director of Field Education. This year we are pleased to offer our first recognition awards to five social workers from the community who have made outstanding contributions to supporting and mentoring our students through their dedicated service. The School of Social Work is fortunate to have alumni involved in many facets of the school, particularly in field education.

Lucy Brakoniecki ’03 MSW – a long-time Field Instructor and Advisor to Policy Practice students who is always willing to work with challenging situations, bringing a positive attitude and sense of humor. A wonderful teacher to students and a role model for the profession.

Marci Bok, PhD, Professor Emerita – a long-time volunteer Field Instructor who recently passed away. Her daughters accepted the award on her behalf. Dr. Bok was always willing to help, teach, and model social work values and practice to her students. An inspirational and tireless champion of the disenfranchised and marginalized.

Jeremy Driscoll ’77 MSW – a long-time field instructor, Advisor to Individuals, Groups, and Families (IGF) students, and a Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) instructor. He steps in and steps up whenever needed with a positive attitude and a calming spirit.

Regina Lester-Harriat ’08 MSW – a long-time Field Instructor for Individuals, Groups, and Families (IGF) students and Chair of Field Advisory Committee. She is a mentor and role model to students. Always inviting and open, with a positive attitude and a welcoming smile.

Patricia Wrice ’89 MSW – a long-time Field Instructor and Advisor to Community Organizing students. She is always willing to take on new challenges and step in as needed. Pat leads through example by walking the walk.