Sam Tracy: Representing UConn


Wow, I can’t believe it’s the last week of the semester already. Senior year is flying by and it’s amazing to think I have only one semester left here at UConn! Working with these 12 amazing students over the past few months has really opened my eyes to the huge diversity of ideas, interests, and pursuits at the university. Our last story of the semester is one of a highly influential student on campus, the President of the Undergraduate Student Government, Sam Tracy.

Sam was elected as President last spring alongside Vice President Lindsay Chiappa, and they have made solid efforts to act as the voices of UConn’s student body. Sam is the former president of UConn’s Chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an organization that works toward assuring campus- and state-wide drug policies are reasonable and based on well-researched information. Furthermore, Sam is a Resident Assistant in EcoHouse. EcoHouse is a living learning community focused on supporting sustainable practices. He enjoys the togetherness of the community and is grateful to have acquired such an opportunity to help the environment and fellow students.

It was great to get to know Sam, and the other 11 students I worked with this semester. I’m excited to meet new people in the spring and expand my knowledge of UConn’s depth even further.  Good luck on finals everyone, have a great holiday and a wonderful month off! See you in January!



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