Veterans Employment Expo to Take Place at UConn’s Stamford Campus

An exterior view of the Stamford Campus. (Peter Morenus/Conn Photo)
The March 15 event will bring together vets and employers from New York and New England.


An exterior view of the Stamford Campus. (Peter Morenus/Conn Photo)
An exterior view of the Stamford Campus. (Peter Morenus/Conn Photo)

The University of Connecticut and the U.S. General Services Administration will host a large employment and business expo for veterans on Thursday, March 15 at UConn’s Stamford campus, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Rich Concourse.

The event, called “Operation Home2Work,” will provide veterans – particularly those of recent conflicts – with information about employment and business opportunities in New York and New England, to ease their transition to the civilian workforce. Going beyond a traditional “job fair,” it will provide veterans with the chance to explore a wide range of training, employment, and business opportunities.

“This event is evidence of two things,” says Robert Zarnetske, the regional administrator for the U.S. GSA in the New England region. “First, the U.S. economy is getting back on its feet and second, we as a society honor and respect our veterans. The administration deeply appreciates the support we’ve received from the business community.”

“We are thrilled to be hosting this event at UConn Stamford,” says Sharon White, director of the Stamford campus. “The jobs expo is important to veterans living in Connecticut and the greater New York City area, including UConn’s own substantial veterans population. This is not only a service for our veterans, but a response to the economic development needs in the area. As an institution of higher education, we want to do everything we can to facilitate job growth in Connecticut and the region.”

Hiring officials from more than 40 private firms and public agencies will meet veterans seeking employment. Contracting officers will have the opportunity to meet veteran-owned business leaders. Academic recruiters will meet veterans who are interested in certificate or degree programs.

Training sessions will cover topics such as “Writing a Federal Resume: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities;” “Military Occupational Specialties: Transferring Military Skills to the Current Job Market;” “Accessing Capital for Your Business Venture;” “How to Do Business With the Federal Government;” “SBA Special Emphasis Programs for Veterans;” and “Marketing to the Public and Private Sectors.”

Maps and directions are available on the Stamford campus website.