Rochelle BaRoss: Embracing Community

Rochelle BaRoss
Rochelle BaRoss



Rochelle BaRoss is an artistic, inspiring individual, and I am grateful to feature her for my last One Student. One Story. She talks about the wonderful communities here at UConn, and how it is easy for every student to find his or her own niche. The senior is majoring in Art, studying Illustration and Communication Design. She uses the knowledge from each concentration to create innovative, unique pieces. Her bubbly personality shines through her artwork, and her dedication to creativity is the guide to her success.

In addition to the art community, Rochelle immerses herself in the world of the Daily Campus, where she served this year as staff photographer and graphics manager. She has always loved photography and was able to pursue this interest when she began with the Daily Campus in her sophomore year. Since then, Rochelle has learned a lot about the hobby and hopes to build on these skills even more after college. Not only has Rochelle gained a great talent at the Daily Campus, but she’s gained wonderful friends as well.

Now graduating, Rochelle looks back at her college career and is grateful for the communities she has been part of. She talked about her experiences with the individuals at the newspaper and within her major, and values them infinitely. She describes these relationships as networks, teams, and most importantly, friendships, and is sure to cherish these invaluable connections well after graduation.