Announcing the Biggest UConn Family

Members of the Stamos/Heerdt/Vartelas/Vlandis family pose for UConn's

Members of the Stamos/Heerdt/Vartelas/Vlandis family pose for the “Biggest UConn Family” portrait at Rentschler Field on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

For nearly 60 years, members of the Stamos/Heerdt/Vartelas/Vlandis family have donned UConn blue, cheered on the Huskies, and shown pride in their alma mater. Yes, it’s a big family name, but what else would you expect from the Biggest UConn Family?

The University recognized the family as the winner of the recent “Biggest UConn Family” contest this past weekend at the Homecoming football game, where members showcased their Husky pride on the field.

“We are so thrilled and excited to have been selected as the Biggest UConn Family,” said Greg Stamos ’77 (CLAS). “From generation to generation, our family has always been so proud of our UConn heritage.”

Those generations boast Uncle John Vlandis, former UConn dean of admissions; two uncles who played for the men’s basketball team in the 1950s; and contest entry submitter Lisa Stamos Heerdt ’79 (ED), who played for the women’s basketball team in the 1970s. Cousins Lauren Heerdt and Angelika Stamos are in the Class of ’15, studying allied health and history, respectively.

The winning family out of more than 150 entries, the Stamos/Heerdt/Vartelas/Vlandis family was selected as having the greatest number of eligible family members among the entries submitted. Criteria for eligibility included being related to the main contact person, and either holding a degree or certificate from UConn or being a current student.

The Stamos/Heerdt/Vartelas/Vlandis family received an exclusive Homecoming package, including tickets to the game, admission to the Alumni Association BBQ, T-shirts, and on-field recognition. Almost 60 family members, including spouses and children, cheered on the Huskies against South Florida, adding another chapter to this family’s Husky story.

“On holidays and at family get-togethers, UConn memories and stories inevitably are shared, with competition of course, between each generation, as to whose stories can bring about the most laughter,” said Stamos. “Whether in the workplace, at Finals Fours, or with passing acquaintances, we all take great pride in being able to say that we are UConn Huskies.”