Freshmonster Makes Friends the New-fashioned Way


Making friends isn't always easy.

When Skip Toumalou '17 (SFA) created a Facebook account on her first day on campus, she was determined to connect with her fellow Huskies. But how?

As the bright orange freshmonster pondered over her laptop in the Student Union food court, two classmates were posing for a photo just a few tables away. Skip quickly fabricated a plan.

“Rinkity squee grum tibble hoo hoo,” recalls Toumalou with a wink.

As she bombed dozens of selfies, their subjects tweeted quizzically about the furry interloper. Who was she? Where did she come from? And how could they find her?

With an assist from UConn's social media community, Skip had made dozens of new friends in a matter of minutes. Now it's your turn. Jump in.