Test of Emergency Communications Set for Tuesday, Nov. 12

emergency alert banner website example
emergency alert banner website example


Alert banner test example.

UConn plans to test its emergency notification systems at the Storrs campus, starting at about 1:50 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

The comprehensive test will involve several components of the system, including activating the alert banner on UConn’s webpage, activating the voice and strobe light functions of the campus blue phones, activating the outside siren/emergency public address system, and sending text messages and an email alert to the Storrs campus community.

Messages about the emergency notification system test will also be sent through UConn’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. Anyone can sign up to receive these feeds by visiting the links to “like” or “follow” UConn.

Tuesday’s test should take no more than 20 minutes, during which time the alert will also appear on certain flat-panel display screens on campus.

This is only a test, as the University works to ensure that the Alert Notification System is as effective as possible in communicating during an emergency. If an actual emergency were to occur, information will be available at http://alert.uconn.edu.

Students, faculty, and staff are also encouraged to visit the alert page to register their cell phone numbers in order to receive text messages sent through the alert system.

People are also encouraged to download myUConn, the University’s official app at http://my.uconn.edu/ onto their smartphones for information on alerts and other campus happenings.

Questions about the emergency systems test can be directed to UConn Communications at (860) 486-0871.