Licenses and Options Granted by the University, July-December 2008

The list of licenses and options granted was supplied by the University’s Center for Science and Technology Commercialization.

Suib, Steven
Voltage-induced Catalyst Augmentation
Catelectric Corp.

Brand, Mark
‘Raise the Roof’ Trademark for Certain Rhododendron Plants
Monrovia Nursery Co.

Sotzing, Gregory
Conductive Polymers
Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd.

Michel, Laurent
Constraint-based Search Models
Dynamic Decision Technologies Inc.

Sotzing, Gregory
Conductive Polymers

Zhou, Shengli
Underwater Communications
Aquatic Sensor Network Technology LLC

Mazzocca, Augustus
Stem Cells in Shoulder and Knee Surgery
Athrex Inc.

Mains, Richard; Eipper, Elizabeth
Antibody to Mouse ATP 7A
Hycult biotechnology bv