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Close up shot of Marilyn Nelson

UConn Magazine: Making the World More Poetic

Where some poets turn ever inward, Marilyn (Waniek) Nelson turns outward, and there is compassion in every line she writes.

Dr. Cato Laurencin sitting at a lab table

UConn Magazine: Pioneering the New Field of Regenerative Engineering — And Championing Social Justice

A master of multiple fields, Dr. Cato T. Laurencin, holds UConn’s highest academic title: University Professor.

Pauline Batista carrying the 2016 olympic torch

UConn Magazine: Raising Her Voice to Amplify Other Voices

Saving a festival youth program in her hometown of Paraty, Brazil, made Pauline Batista ’16 MA a hero there.

A candle burning.

In Memoriam: Paul Canning, Associate Professor of History

Paul Canning, a professor of history at UConn Hartford for 35 years, is remembered by his colleagues in this memorial tribute. 

Jason Irizarry.

Jason Irizarry Named Interim Dean of the Neag School of Education

Jason Irizarry, a professor in the Neag School’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the associate dean for academic affairs, takes on the role of interim dean at the Neag School next month.

illustration of confederate statue

UConn Magazine: Take Them Down

History professor Manisha Sinha, an Indian American who is one of the world’s leading experts on the Civil War and slavery in the U.S., on removing Confederate statues.

Doreen Simons signing

UConn Magazine: American Sign Language

Doreen Simons uses a full-immersion approach in Intro to ASL class, starting from the very first day when she invokes her one rule — no talking, ever. The class is taught in silence. Students can only communicate by signing.

Meg Hall standing in front of giant lego statues

UConn Magazine: Playing Through

Among the many ways that parents are finding to entertain and educate their children at home during this strange time is one that’s been around for almost 100 years, what those who work at Lego simply call “the brick.”

Donatti at Winfield Street Coffee next to Ferguson Library

UConn Magazine: Coffee and Cubanos

Breno Donatti ’14 (BGS) found a way to feed his neighbors and boost his restaurant business.

UConn Magazine: Eau de Herring

Kimberly Grendzinski ’16 (CAHNR) begins every workday at NYC’s Central Park Zoo fending off a mob of hungry mob of heckling penguins.