U.S. Patents Granted to the University,
July-December 2008

The list of patents received was supplied by the University’s Center for Science and Technology Commercialization.

Makriyannis, Alexandros; Liu, Qian; Thotapally, Rajesh
Pyrazole Analogs Acting on Cannabinoid Receptors
Patent number 7,393,842, issued 7/1/08

Taylor, Geoff; Cai, Jianhong; Upp, Daniel
Integrated Circuit for Programmable Optical Delay
Patent number 7,409,120, issued 8/5/08

Javidi, Bahram; Esmail, Ahouzi; Zhang, Guansheng
Optical Security System Using Fourier Plane Encoding
Patent number 7,409,120, issued 9/23/08

Taylor, Geoff
Imaging Method Utilizing Thyristor-Based Pixel Elements
Patent number 7,409,120, issued 10/7/08

Suib, Steven; Yuan, Jikang
Manganese Oxide Nanowires, Films, and Membranes and Methods of Making
Patent number 7,438,887, issued 10/21/08

Makriyannis, Alexandros; Nikas, Spyridon; Khanolkar, Atmaram; Thakur, Ganshsingh; Lu, Dai
Bicyclic Cannabinoids
Patent number 7,446,229, issued 11/4/08

Javidi, Bahram; Matoba, Osamu
Method and Apparatus for Secure Ultrafast Communication
Patent number 7,447,312, issued 11/4/08

Srivastava, Pramod; Binder, Robert
Complexes of Alpha 2 Macroglobulin and Antigenic Molecules for Immunotherapy
Patent number 7,449,557, issued 11/4/08

Fanson, Paul; Hirata, Hirohito; Ibe, Masaya; Suib, Steven; Makwana, Vinit
Process Using Microwave Energy and a Catalyst to Decompose Nitrogen Oxides
Patent number 7,468,171, issued 12/23/08