Storrs Grants, June 2009

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) in June 2009. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is supplied each month by OSP.

Adamson, D., Chemistry
NER: Catalytic Formation of Nanostructured Ceramics by a Bio-Mimetic and Environmentally Friendly Approach
NSF/ENG, $87,824, 9/08-8/10

Alder, N., Molecular & Cell Biology
Fluorescence-Based Study of the Mitochondrial Adenine Nucleotide Transiocase: A Key Component in Heart Disease
American Heart Association, $308,000, 7/09-6/13

Bartholomew, C., Extension
Strengthening the Viability and Capacity of Beginning Small Farms in an Urban State
USDA/CSREES/University of Delaware, $38,724, 7/09-12/10

Birge, R., Chemistry
Protein-Based Artificial Nose
Lockheed Martin Corp., $50,000, 4/09-11/09

Bogner, R., Pharmaceutical Sciences
Interaction of Crystalline Compounds with Porous Excipients via Vapor Phase Mass Transfer
Mixed Sources, $57,478, 1/09-6/10

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
DNA Barcoding of Marine Zooplankton from the Arctic Ocean
Sloan (Alfred P.) Foundation/University of Alaska, $13,000, 4/09-7/09

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
Wet Labs Survey Charter
WET Labs, $25,313, 5/09-5/09

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
R/V CT Charter by WHOI for GOMTOX Project
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, $18,956, 6/09-6/09

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
R/V CT Charter by University of Toronto
University of Toronto, $32,812, 6/09-6/09

Cao, C., Mechanical Engineering
Turbofan Engine Modeling and Adaptive Control
United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, $29,999, 6/09-12/09

Carstensen, F., Economics
Deer Study
Fairfield County Municipal Deer Management Alliance, $3,100, 3/09-5/09

Choi, M., School of Engineering Office of Dean
Establishing Energy and Nanotechnology Undergraduate Tracks in Faculty of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University
King Abdulaziz University, $107,069, 7/09-6/10

Cobb, C., Educational Leadership
Examining High Leverage State and Local Policies for the New England Secondary School Consortium
Nellie Mae Education Foundation/Great Schools Partnership Inc., $53,817, 2/09-8/09

Cole, J., Molecular & Cell Biology
Mechanism for Activation of the Antiviral Kinase PKR
PHS/National Institutes of Health/PHS/NIH/National Institute on Aging, $605,724, 6/09-5/11

Copenhaver, M., Allied Health Sciences
Adapting HHRP for Positive Transitions in Malaysia
PHS/NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse/Yale University, $125,736, 9/08-6/13

De Guise, S., Sea Grant College Program
Long Island Sound Study Sentinel Site Monitoring Strategy
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, $72,500, 6/09-3/10

DeFranco, T., Curriculum & Instruction
Teachers for Tomorrow
NSF/EHR, $899,819, 6/09-5/14

Donkor, E., Electrical & Computer Engineering
High Sensitivity Analog-to-Digital Converter
DOD/Navy/Office of Naval Research/MagiQ Technologies Inc., $31,977, 6/09-6/11

Gao, R., Mechanical Engineering
GOALI-Integrated Sensing System for Stamping Monitoring and Control
NSF/National Science Foundation, $57,926, 12/08-8/10

Gao, R., Mechanical Engineering
2009 NSF/CMMI Grantees Conference
NSF/ENG/Texas A&M University, $10,000, 6/09-7/10

Gao, R., Mechanical Engineering
Enhanced Electrical Capacitance Tomography for Combustion Visualization
United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, $113,869, 6/09-6/10

Goffinet, B., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Reduction and Retention in the Funariaceae: Phylogenetic Perspective on Sporophyte Complexity and Role of the Calyptra
NSF/BIO, $599,242, 7/09-6/12

Huang, H., Mechanical Engineering
Proposed Workshop on: Atomistic Interfaces for Energy Conversion
DOD/Army Research Laboratory, $23,416, 7/09-12/09

Ilies, H., Mechanical Engineering
Geometric Skeletons for Topologically Evolving Domains
NSF/ENG, $319,933, 8/09-7/12

Jain, F., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Bend Sensor Development
DOD/Navy/Naval Undersea Warfare Center, $14,417, 6/09-12/09

Jarvi, S., Academic Center for Entering Students
Pre-College Enrichment Program Summer 2009
University of Connecticut Health Center, $49,512, 6/09-7/09

Kehle, T., Educational Psychology
School Psychology Interships – Fafalla, Moloney
Futures Inc., $28,771, 8/08-6/09

Kotha, S., Mechanical Engineering
CAREER: Hierachies of Repair in Damaged Bone – A Role for Osteocytes
NSF/ENG, $430,000, 7/09-6/14

Leu, D., Curriculum & Instruction
Assessing Online Reading Comprehension: The ORCA Project
ED/Institute of Education Sciences, $2,813,127, 7/09-6/13

Little, C., Educational Psychology
Inter-State Agency Memorandum of Agreement
ED/Department of Education/Connecticut Department of Higher Education, $39,646, 5/09-5/10

Lu, T., Mechanical Engineering
Reduction of Detailed Kinetic Mechanisms for Surrogate Fuels
DOD/Air Force/Princeton University, $34,750, 11/08-11/10

Lu, T., Mechanical Engineering
Automated Mechanism Reduction for Alternative Fuels
United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, $61,051, 6/09-6/10

Magnuson, J., Psychology
Nature and Acquisition of the Speech Code and Reading
PHS/NIH/National Institute of Child Health & Human Development/Haskins Laboratories, $46,594, 5/09-4/12

Mancini, R., Animal Science
Effects of Pyruvate on the Color Stability of Injection-enhanced Beef
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, $14,469, 6/09-5/10

Martinez, M., ISS-Center for Academic Programs
Kids and Books
Community Foundation of Southeastern Connecticut, $3,750, 8/09-5/10

Payne, D., Sea Grant College Program
Watershed Connections
DOC/National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration/Project Oceanology, $48,852, 10/08-9/11

Perez-Escamilla, R., Nutritional Sciences
Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund
Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund, $5,000, 6/09-5/10

Ranjeet, B., ISS-Center for Academic Programs
GEAR UP Transition to College Summer Program
ED/Department of Education/Connecticut Department of Higher Education, $100,000, 6/09-8/09

Ross, S., Economics
Extension of Assessing Racial, Ethnic and Neighborhood Differences in Loan Pricing and Performance
University of Pennsylvania, $11,000, 7/09-12/09

Shaw, M., Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
Subproject for Institution # 090203
NAS/Transportation Research Board, $100,808, 2/09-2/11

Shelton, D., Nursing Instruction & Research
Costs of Criminal Justice Involement Among Persons with Severe Mental Illness
Duke University/University of Connecticut Health Center, $14,942, 1/09-12/09

Shumway, S., Marine Sciences
Biofouling Tunicates on Shellfish Aquaculture Gear as Potential Vectors of Harmful Algal Introductions
DOC/National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, $249,651, 9/09-8/11

Singh, P., Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
To Identify the Dominant Degradation Mechanisms Associated with SOFC Technology
DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/Battelle Memorial Institute, $104,000, 6/09-6/10

Sotzing, G., Chemistry
DNA Based Bulk Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaic Device
Kuraray America Inc., $142,848, 5/09-4/10

Stocker, J., Extension
Statewide Forest Resource Assessment GIS Analysis
National Association of State Foresters/Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, $15,449, 4/09-3/10

Suib, S., Chemistry
Investigations in Chemical Vapor Deposition Coating of Non-Woven Fiber Preforms
United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, $59,981, 5/09-12/09

Tehranipoor, M., Electrical & Computer Engineering
High-Quality Delay Tests for Nanometer Technology Designs
LSI Corp., $150,000, 5/09-5/12

Warner, G., Natural Resources & the Environment
Subproject for Institution # 010656-04
DOI/US Geological Survey, $15,729, 3/09-2/10

Willig, M., Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering
ASTM Biofuels Testing Laboratory
AgriFuels LLC, $30,000, 6/09-12/10

Willis, B., Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
Epitaxial Oxides by ALD
NSF/ENG, $259,059, 9/09-8/12